Reality Check for Real Men

All my life I have heard society sat what “real” men do.
My Dad lived it out for me, but society often said something very different than what he taught me.
So society, let’s take a “real” look at being a “real” man.
Real means “actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed.”
Opinion are important, but not always real. Facts are always real.
Real men do not go around flaunting their opinion and call it “being real.”
Real men know the difference between fact and opinion.
Real men are not afraid to admit their ideas are opinion.
Real men are not afraid to admit to being wrong.
Because the fact is, we are all wrong more than we realize. That is real.
Real men listen more than they talk, because they might learn something true.

Real men do not blame women for their marital problems.
Because you made a vow saying you would love no matter what. That is real.
And real men keep their word. They don’t blame others when they fail to.
Real men do not blame women for being upset that they have been belittled for so many decades, because a real man would be upset at any human being treated less than another.

Real men do not blame gays for their marital problems.
Real men do not blame feminists, gays, or liberals for societal problems.
Society will always have complex problems that can’t be blamed on one group. That is real.

Real men take responsibility for their own problems and don’t blame others. That is real.

Real men do not talk about how women should respond to inequality issues.
Real men do not blame rape victims for the way they dress, the way they act, or any other factors.
Rapists committed a crime. They were not coerced. That is real.
Real men don’t blame the victim. Spineless punks blame victims.

Real men are not afraid of women that lead, that speak their mind, that take initiative.
Because if it is okay for you, it is okay for all. That is real.

Real men do not force everyone around them to follow their religious beliefs on every issue.
Because that would be forcing legalism on people that don’t believe.
Legalism is bad in all religions. That is real.

Real men do not pick on people that are different than them.
Real men stand up for people, even if those people believe differently than them.
Because real men believe in respect. That is real.
Real men stand against bullying of gays, even if it means they get ridiculed themselves.
Because suicide is real. And it needs to stop.

Real men are humble. When corrected, they don’t return with snark.
When questioned, they do not start an argument.
When rebuked, they do not set out to prove the other wrong.
Because the other person could have a true point if you just listen. That is real.

Real men don’t just treat others how they want to be treated themselves.
Real men treat others in the way that the other want to be treated.
Because sometimes we really suck at how we treat ourselves and don’t realize it.
Real men don’t want to suck at how they treat others. That is real.

Real men don’t get everything right.
Real men don’t give vague apologies and say “oh, I am imperfect like everyone else.”
Real men get real and specific about how they mess up.

Real men raise questions and make people think – not just preach at them.
Because that is the way the realest Man of all did it.
Real men realize that all human beings have value.
Because that is what God said, and that is real.

Real men are bold, but not for themselves or their opinion.
Because they know their opinion is not always real.
Real men are bold for love. Because God is Love. That is real.
Real men are patient.
Real men are kind.
Real men do not envy.
Real men do not boast.
Real men are not proud.
Real men do not dishonor others.
Real men are not self-seeking.
Real men are not easily angered.
Real men keep no record of wrongs.
Real men do not delight in evil but rejoice with the truth.
Real men always protect, always trust, always hope, always persevere.

God is love. Love is real.

2 thoughts on “Reality Check for Real Men

    • I have heard it many, many, many times in sermons. “The aggressive gay agenda is out to destroy the concept of family in this society and rip apart your marriage. You are probably having problems in your marriage because of this and don’t even realize it.” Heard it so many times I can still quote it.

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