Why Republicans Make No Sense

gop_elephantSo let me get this straight. We live in a country were almost any loony tune can go out and legally get a gun. They can even amass a small arsenal and start a massacre. Guns are so prevalent that we constantly read in the news about kids accidentally shooting each other. We even hear about spouses shooting each other at restaurants when a handgun in one of their pockets goes off.

Our current gun laws and/or enforcement of these laws are obviously not working, but yet our Republican leaders fight tooth and nail to keep this situation the status quo with such astute logic as “criminals won’t follow new gun laws.”

Duh. Why do you think we can them criminals? By that reasoning, we should have no laws at all.

So what do our Republican leaders spend so much time and energy fighting? The “evil” of people having different religious beliefs that leads them to creating an updated legal definition of marriage.

Of course, the possibility that some of these people might want to redefine God or how to worship God or even not worship God at all is no big deal. They are free to worship God or gods or a supreme force or nothing at all because that is their freedom in this country – and (almost) every Republicans will stand by that. But dare touch the definition of marriage? Thems fightin’ words!

So redefine God and that is okay, but not marriage. Let’s just be honest: “Definition of Marriage” has become a false idol in this land that many so-called Christians are bowing down to.

Because if you actually think that a gay couple living next to you will be so damaging to your marriage or society that your relationship to God will not be able to “overcome” those effects…. that means God is not the most powerful force in your personal paradigm.

So as the GOP lines up to fight the recent Supreme Court rulings and vows to make new constitutional amendments to define marriage, I call hypocrisy and point out that the GOP makes no sense. You are just bitter that you lost the culture war (which was really a term you made up) and instead of accepting the premise that we don’t force people in this country to follow a certain set of religious beliefs (which is what your definition of marriage is), you vow to fight on like a grumpy old man swearing he’s gonna get those young whipper snappers the next time they step on his lawn.

(And Democrats, don’t get me started on how your party is ruining this country)

metamodern-faith-avatarAnd I point out that I say “your” definition of marriage not because I don’t believe the Bible, but because I do believe it 100% and I choose to follow what it teaches. And I can not in all honesty say that it only has one definition of marriage, or that it has a clear statement of morality on the modern-day practice of homosexuality in general. I respect the Bible too much to tell lies about what it contains.

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