Being Someone That Gets It

Some days it seems like the crazy on the Interwebs just gets to be too much. From people that think Obama is the anti-Christ to people that don’t get what feminism is all about to people that don’t care what gay rights are about to people that do more to hurt and wound the Body of Christ thinking they should write books to tell the rest of us how we are wrong if we don’t see things their way, it just seems like the world is on a path of social implosion.

Sometimes I want to spend all my time writing out comments to put these people in their place. But I just don’t have that luxury right now. What I have to realize is that the biggest problem with these people is really the problem we all have – myself included: “our way.”

We all have a way of seeing things… a way that we “get” the world around us. We tunnel vision in on “our way” of viewing the world and then turn people outside of that view into others that we don’t “get.”

But there has to be a better way. I think there is a better way. I believe that somehow we can be people that “get” where other people are coming from, even if we don’t agree.

Just think how much that would change the conversation around any issue – like, say, Obamacare – if we stopped looking at people on the other side as “disgusting idiots” who don’t see “clear logic.” What if we tried to “get” where they are coming from, even if we don’t agree?

You see, Jesus was one of those people that made a point to “get it” with everyone He met. The Dude that went around saying “go and sin no more” was also accused of being a “friend of sinners.” Think about that for a moment. The Person that created the definition of what sin is would constantly hang around with people that didn’t do things His way. He didn’t see them as “others” who refused to see the “clear light” of His side. He got where they were coming from and chose to talk to them, visit them, even eat and hang out with them in spite of whether they saw things His way or not.

metamodern-faith-avatarOh, and the kicker is that He is the only person who can ever truly claim to be on the right side of every issue. Yet He didn’t act like many of us who think we are always right but probably are more wrong than we realize. Its crazy when you think about it – those of us that know so little about the universe go around like we have all the answers, while the One that created the universe walked this earth to spend time with those who cling to different answers than He created in the first place. Crazy and Divine at the same time.

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