I Had a Really Nice Post to Make. Then the Church Got Mean.

Sometimes I just don’t know what to say. I think this whole Duck Dynasty thing just demonstrates how little the Church understands the gay community, how much we would rather talk than listen, and how we care more about being right than understanding others.

Does anyone out there realize that we care more about a rich white guy losing his job than we do about finding out why a community that has been ostracized, hated, rejected, beaten up, even killed over who they were born to be is mad over his statements?

I agree that there is mass confusion from all sides. But what most Christians SHOULD be doing is stopping to ask themselves “why does this statement and verse make the gay community so mad?” instead of turning it into a shouting match. If it turns out that the gay community overacted, so be it. And so what if they did? Goes back to my original statement – why is it more important to be right than to listen and understand?

How are statements like this going to help:

“Thank you Mr. Phil Robertson!!!! Homosexuality is not a innate characteristic or “biological condition.” it is a sick, twisted, unnatural perversion that needs to die.” – Matt Mauk on this post

People have killed themselves after hearing statements like this. Like, every week of the year. Why do people in the church talk like this? Is there any hope left for the few of us that don’t want to be consumed by hate? Just saying “well, we’re all imperfect… if you find the perfect church, don’t enter or you will ruin it” just sounds like complete and utter enabling bull shit at times like this.

metamodern-faith-avatarThere is a complete difference between being imperfect and being… well, this.

I have no answers. I am embarrassed yet again to be associated with these people that incorrectly label them selves as “Christ-like.” I don’t doubt their salvation…. I just doubt whether I want to be around people like this. Can anyone tell me… is there any hope out there for the Church?

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