The Shocking Revelation of Real Love

Sometimes, I wonder what it would have been like to be around when Jesus messed with people’s heads.

When Jesus pointed at the crowd and said “he that is without sin, cast the first stone”… that was not a normal event. It probably didn’t happen in any way like we have seen it portrayed in any movie so far. I image that some people almost feel over with mouths wide open. There were probably several audible gasps. People were probably acting like a freaking UFO landed in front of them.

Because that was how foreign the whole thing really was. It wasn’t just a new idea. It was a paradigm-altering, WTF?!?!, never seen this before, holy hell in a hand basket Batman kind of moment.

People met face to face with a shocking revelation of real love.

Yes, they could have stoned the woman to death. Jesus could have at least lashed into her in the same way He had lashed into the concept of adultery on other occasions. But he didn’t. We see that again and again in the scriptures. Jesus could have taken the commonly accepted road, but he pulled out his most shocking trick in His deck of tricks. Real love.

People probably felt like He had reached over and shattered their world with one small touch.


Sure, Jesus argued with people a lot. People who that say Jesus never got into religious or political arguments obviously skip large swaths of the Bible. But when people’s lives were on the line? When hurting people were really asking for help? He ignored religion and politics and did a shocking thing: He loved.

metamodern-faith-avatarSo that is why I think people are so upset about World Vision’s decision to allow married gay couples to work there. They are shocked by real love. It may not be politically or religiously correct to take that stance in certain circles, but it is shocking act of love that says that starving children are more important that religious dogma.

So I stand with World Vision. They look more like Jesus now than they ever have.

EDIT: Even if World Vision decides to reverse their decision, my thoughts about their original announcement will stay the same.

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