The Growing Ranks of Evangelical Ecclesia Extraneus

The past few weeks have brought a swell to the ranks of the Evangelical Ecclesia Extraneus – the Evangelical Church Outsiders. I’m not referring to this blog (people only seem to visit here to post “passionate” comments proving how “loving” they are of gay people), but the idea of being an outsider to a specific tradition in the church. When I started this blog, I was attracted to the name Ecclesia Extraneus despite having no idea how to pronounce it as well as it being hard to remember (can’t count the number of times I have typed it wrong myself). But in the wake of the World Vision schism in the evangelical church and many leaders along the lines of Rachel Held Evans, Jay Bakker, and others leaving evangelicalism, I am reminded again of what the title of this blog means to me:

The English word “strange” originated from the Latin word extraneus (from which the English word “extra” also originated) which meant on the outside i.e. “strangers” were “outsiders,” socially, religiously or politically, within one’s own nation – they could be one’s own countrymen just as easily as they could be “foreigners.”

We all seem to belong to the same “nation” of Christianity, but so many of us feel like strangers even among those that inhabit the section of that nation called evangelicalism. Some people don’t get why we feel this way. All I can offer is my explanation of the privilege of fitting in. When you fit in, you always get what is so wrong. When you don’t fit in, you don’t see how to make it work.

metamodern-faith-avatarWhile many churches are focused on Revival, I have always found Reformation to be more intriguing. Revival seems to be a temporary emotional fix (that dies after a while), but Reformation seems to be a complete change of course. I pray that we are seeing the beginnings of a true Reformation and not just a temporary revival of diversity in the Church.

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