Women Against Feminism

So Women Against Feminism is trending on social media. Not too long ago there was a group on Facebook for Nurses Against Vaccines. During World War II, there were Jews that supported Hitler. After the Israelites escaped Egypt, there was a movement to go back to Egyptian slavery. There is always a movement some where on Earth that wants to go back to slavery, because it is familiar to those that promote it. You can always find those that are so scared of redefining social norms that they would rather stick with slavery because they know what to expect. Even if those expectations are of oppression.

metamodern-faith-avatarSo, yeah I could care less who you get to support your cause. The bigger question is: do they actually know what on earth they are doing and saying? Because the whole #WomenAgainstFeminism thing is full of such bad logic and misunderstandings of what feminism is that I am almost convinced that The Onion is behind the whole thing. If you are going to stand against something, at least know it well enough to not become a parody.

At Least I am Not as Bad as This Illegal Alien

So illegal aliens are bad people because they broke the law intentionally. Or so we are told by people that break speed limits, watch porn at work, and download songs without paying for them online.

And what happens when these people get caught breaking the law in any way? They feel their reason for breaking these laws are justified. Police officers should let them off with a warning, their boss should give them a second chance, and the greedy music business is ripping artists off… so these people are justified in breaking the law and aren’t criminals at all.

Of course, who cares that these illegal immigrants thought they had a good reason for sneaking into the country. Who cares that they don’t feel they are criminals at all. White Christian Americans are usually the ones speaking out the most about illegal immigration, usually with the harshest rhetoric. And usually on Facebook or Twitter or other online sites, meaning they have Internet access and therefore will probably make more money than any illegal immigrant ever will.

Sure, its easy to point fingers at illegal immigrants when, as an American, you can move almost anywhere in the world with no problem at all. Who is going to turn away an American? Almost no country will. As an American, you can find the resources to look for a job anywhere in the world, and probably get a credit card or moving expenses to move where ever you want. Because most countries don’t have restrictions on how many Americans can move and work there.

But when the country you live in is falling apart and the one country you can move to that isn’t falling apart is closed to you – what choice do you think they have?

Now, I’m not trying to gloss over illegal immigration. It causes serious problems. People are breaking the law. But for us to be so calloused, so hard, so flat out cruel in our response to illegal immigrants… I don’t get that. These are real people that just want a chance to make a better life for themselves. If it is okay for you to break the speed limit and still be treated with some human dignity, then maybe you should turn around and have some compassion for others.

metamodern-faith-avatarMost of the responses I am seeing from the extreme right on this issue shows that they have no compassion for illegal aliens as people. I’m not even sure they really see them as full people. Thankfully God does. Do you realize that God sees no difference between anyone reading this and anyone sneaking across the border now? Think about that a bit before you post that meme about how evil illegals are.