Women Against Feminism

So Women Against Feminism is trending on social media. Not too long ago there was a group on Facebook for Nurses Against Vaccines. During World War II, there were Jews that supported Hitler. After the Israelites escaped Egypt, there was a movement to go back to Egyptian slavery. There is always a movement some where on Earth that wants to go back to slavery, because it is familiar to those that promote it. You can always find those that are so scared of redefining social norms that they would rather stick with slavery because they know what to expect. Even if those expectations are of oppression.

metamodern-faith-avatarSo, yeah I could care less who you get to support your cause. The bigger question is: do they actually know what on earth they are doing and saying? Because the whole #WomenAgainstFeminism thing is full of such bad logic and misunderstandings of what feminism is that I am almost convinced that The Onion is behind the whole thing. If you are going to stand against something, at least know it well enough to not become a parody.

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