New Name, Facebook, and Twitter

Things have been quiet around here, mainly due to my doctoral work, but now that that is slowing down, I hope to pick up the slack here. The first order of business was to change the name of the site to something that I can actually pronounce. After years of investigation and coming to grips with my own philosophical beliefs, I realized that I have probably been metamodernist most of my life. Hints of that can be seen here in many of blog posts – but the lack of clarity in many of those can probably be traced to not fully understanding where I stood ontologically.

Since the old site name was just weird and quite the mouthful, I decided to change to a more pronounceable name…. even if its not any easier to explain what it means 🙂

metamodern-faith-avatarAdditionally, I decided to open up a Facebook and Twitter page. Posts from this blog will post at these sites, but I will probably also post other links and ideas to those sites as well.

Metamodern Faith on Facebook
Metamodern Faith on Twitter

So feel free to follow there or keep following here or not.